Work From Home, Learn The Benefits of Becoming a Contractor

By becoming part of the team of Coastal Home Link you can start contracting from the comfort of your own home office. No supervisor looking over your shoulder. You are your own boss and so you choose who, what ,where and when you service. Unlike most industries that have suffered during the recession, the customer service/telemarketing industry has done well in America struggling job market. America can expect many more jobs to return in the near future, as once out-sourced work returns home to be filled by legions of unemployed workers. So now is the right time, the time to take advantage of contracting at home with honest and fair pay. 24/7 tech support, so you will never be alone.


The opportunity to make steady and meaningful income, working in the comfort of your own home, during the time of a struggling job market. You will be able to balance personal life and work life, while saving thousands. No GAS expenses, No traffic, you set your clock in-time, you schedule your days off. We ask that you work a minimum of 30 hours a week, and if you wish up to 60 hours a week. As an independent contractor you will receive the full amount of your serviced hours, no state or federal taxes will be withheld from your invoices.


The United States of America encourage and give tax incentives to independent contractors. Becoming a contractor gives you the choice of hours and days your service as a customer service representative. You will also receive some of the annual tax write offs from some of the Big Companies.

  • Percent Mortgage/Rent (if you have a dedicated work room/office)
  • Health Insurance
  • Percent of electric bill
  • Percent of Internet bill
  • Your 2nd home phone line dedicated for work
  • Hardware/software upgrades
  • Filing your taxes (accountant fees)


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