What Do I Need to Work From Home?

Running a small call center from your home is not as hard as it sounds. With major advancements in technology along with basic equipment Coastal Home Link and Arise Virtual Solutions are able to provide you with the opportunity to service clients as an independent contractor from your home.


Dedicated desktop
Windows XP/ Windows 7 or Mac OS
Basic DSL Internet service
Basic landline
Plantronic Corded Headset
VOIP headset (for training)

How Will I Get The Training From Home?

All training is performed online and led by an instructor. Course materials are also provided for you to study. Training usually takes 3-4 weeks depending on the client opportunity you select and must pass exams in order to certify for that specific client.

How Do I Service For A Client?

Answering calls are easy, you log into a Call Manager via your Internet Browser, calls are routed to your landline phone. You are able to answer calls, transfer, and disconnect in Call Manager. All this information will be covered in detail in your client specific training.

How Do I Set My Own Work Schedule?

Using Arise technology all Coastal Home Link agents will be able to book their hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via an online tool that allows you to select 30 minute intervals. The amazing thing about working from home is that you make your own schedule, so you dictate exactly when you work and who you work for as well. All this information will be covered in detail in your client specific training.

How Does The Pay Work?

Working for Coastal Home Link you will easily be able to earn an hourly rate from $8 to $16 per hour. Each client pay varies. A lot of your pay depends on your performance. Just about each client has incentives for reaching certain targets or goals.

Pay is based on the following:

PER CALL ranging from .65 cents - $1.27
PER HOUR ranging from $8.00 - $16.00
PER CALL TALK MINUTES ranging from .22 cents - .28 cents

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